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47 video Up
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65 Android Down
719 smartphone Up
812 Microsoft Up
9N/A iPhone 7 Up
1014 game Up
Other popular topics for the past week includes Facebook, VR, photo, Samsung and mobile.
For the week ending May 28, 2016, we have analyzed 1376 technology news articles. These are the most frequently appeared keywords in the last week. In order to provide the latest trends, generic terms like "computer", "information" and "technology" are filtered.

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Shield your eyes from the wonder! While some enthusiasts have elevated PC case mods to a genuine artform, this one is downright marvelous.

The octa-core 16 thread processor will mark AMD's return to the high-end computing market.

The ruling ends a split between the courts on whether asking a company for location data provided by users requires a warrant.

Finally, we can all channel our dark side with new "The Force Awakens" Stormtrooper armor, helmets and more from Anovos.

AMD's new graphics card, based on the its Polaris-architecture, will let even those on a tight budget to experience VR.

Amazon CEO says at Code Conference that the billionaire shouldn't be using his fortune "to fund a lawsuit to kill Gawker."

There's no better fuel for a long gaming session than pure sugar. So why not kill two birds with one stone?

Forget drones and cars, AMD wants to put its new 7th Generation processors where it counts: in your PC. And if you're into streaming video, you're going to be better off.

"Internet" and "Web", two proper nouns that have been the bane of copy editors everywhere, are set to lose a little...cultural capital.

Jenji Kohan will pack bodyslams and big hair into a new show inspired by the '80s women's pro-wrestling show "Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling".

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has asked enthusiastic beachgoers to stay away from the wildlife.

Taking the stage at the Code Conference today, Ford CEO Mark Fields said that services would be a bigger priority in the company's future.

However, tighter privacy may come at the expense of artificial intelligence features the social network is building into the chat app, the Guardian reports.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Westin really, really loves Apple.

What's in a name? Lots, when you're revving too fast and furious to verify a Twitter handle and attack Captain America by mistake.

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