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A Japanese company will this year release VAQSO VR, a small cartridge that clips onto a VR headset and breathes scents to compliment the VR world you're in.

The company behind the viral beautification app has come out to explain the rationale behind the dodgy data collection code discovered by researchers.

Seeing that battery life drop when you're out in town can be horrifying, but hey, there's a bus for that.

The film becomes the second film to be based on a mobile app.

The ride-hailing company allegedly exaggerated how much drivers could earn on the service. Uber also reportedly misled drivers about its vehicle-financing program.

Six-part series based on comedy about the approaching apocalypse will debut in 2018.

Many say it was a meteor blast that flattened a Siberian forest and left a large impact crater when the "Tunguska Event" happened over 100 years ago. New research debunks part of the story.

The big alien lumbered after Captain Kirk a whole half-century ago, and he's since become a sci-fi icon.

Apple is planning to keep its exclusive content locked behind the Apple Music subscription service. Is that enough to get you to sign up? Also, new iPads are coming in the second half of 2017, and you might as well wait for the new MacBook Pros.

Facebook CEO says lawsuits aim to ensure everyone is compensated and pledges that no one will be evicted.

The WikiLeaks founder wants the US Department of Justice to make public any charges or extradition order against him.

To get away from all the political posts, I decided to venture over to Reddit's Photoshop Battles to see what they had to offer. I was not disappointed.

Commentary: Research that examines which brands engage customers and are the drivers in their product categories sees Cupertino win -- yes, even in music.

The Amazon Go brick-and-mortar concept has spooked retailers looking to tech to get you back in their stores.

The photo-editing app skyrockets in popularity. Now, no one is safe from being turned into a cute cartoon character.

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