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Other popular topics for the past week includes President, mobile, share, Amazon and TV.
For the week ending February 18, 2017, we have analyzed 959 technology news articles. These are the most frequently appeared keywords in the last week. In order to provide the latest trends, generic terms like "computer", "information" and "technology" are filtered.

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Just nine more months of hell to endure.

A new agreement will see piracy websites kicked off the front page of Bing and Google search results in the UK.

Actor Josh Gad continues his Episode VIII interrogation.

Better worry about the fate of your furious bladder, as this could be the longest film in the high-speed series.

Car-hailing company plans to begin publishing diversity numbers for its workforce in the wake of charges of sexual harassment charges.

Commentary: With Apple again being named the world's most admired company, does this mean Apple has it all worked out? Not exactly.

Travel to Belle's provincial town with star Emma Watson in the latest preview of the live-action remake.

It was more than just "A Day in the Life" when the two surviving Beatles decided to "Come Together" to record over the weekend.

Director Shane Black promises the R-rated sci-fi horror sequel isn't going to be sanitized.

Commentary: A student in Florida posts a letter -- with his comments and grade attached -- sent to him by a former lover who wants him back.

Electronics giant slides from No. 7 to No. 49 in an annual corporate reputation report.

Charlie Hunnam finally gets the chance to pull the famed sword from the stone in the new preview.

The space agency is holding a news conference Wednesday to announce a big new find of planets beyond our solar system but still in the same neighborhood of the Milky Way.

Anakin Skywalker's dark moment from "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" is among the many iconic movie moments Lego is re-creating for 2017.

Elon Musk shares footage of the rocket returning home after a historic launch from the same spot where Apollo astronauts began their journey to the moon.

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