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124 phone Up
227 smart Up
3N/A CES 2018 Up
47 security Up
519 wireless Up
64 Microsoft Down
71 Apple Down
8N/A CES 2018CNET Up
93 Google Down
10N/A car Up
Other popular topics for the past week includes Amazon, TV, Windows, Samsung and app.
For the week ending January 13, 2018, we have analyzed 635 technology news articles. These are the most frequently appeared keywords in the last week. In order to provide the latest trends, generic terms like "computer", "information" and "technology" are filtered.

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That's one hell of a birthday party, even if you can't get 'em in the US.

A test lets people in Facebook groups simultaneously watch and comment on the same Facebook video -- live or already published.

Mark Hamill, John Boyega and director Rian Johnson mock the bizarre no-women edit. If only Carrie Fisher were here.

The social network agrees to open a full-and-proper investigation into Russia-backed activity during the UK's 2016 EU Referendum.

The social network agrees to reopen its investigation after initially saying it found only a minimal amount of UK-related activity.

People like fast-loading sites, Google says, so slow ones will have a harder time with prominence in search results.

Facebook, Google and Twitter explain during a Senate committee hearing what they're doing to stop propaganda from spreading during the midterm elections.

Most automakers give it out for free, but not BMW. That would be too easy.

McLaren hosted a gala opening for its new carbon fiber technology center in Yorkshire by whipping sweet, smoky doughnuts in a Senna.

Scientists discover chameleons with a nifty skin and bone feature that lets them glow in stunning patterns under UV.

Detroit was seriously busy this year, so here's a cheat sheet in case you missed anything.

Tech giant says that -- factoring in current spending, product sales tax and taxes on employees' wagers -- it expects to contribute $350 billion to the US economy.

Multidevice charging hubs are all the rage. Nomad's new one incorporates a wireless charging top with four ports.

Commentary: In a new ad, the carrier claims that staying with Verizon shows a lack of intelligence.

"Bill protection" will help heavy data users cap what they spend.

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