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15 Microsoft Up
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31 Google Down
49 Facebook Up
58 app Up
62 Apple Down
77 mobile N/A
821 VR Up
910 Windows Up
1022 Windows 10 Up
Other popular topics for the past week includes security, Amazon, thing, games and CEO.
For the week ending October 14, 2017, we have analyzed 423 technology news articles. These are the most frequently appeared keywords in the last week. In order to provide the latest trends, generic terms like "computer", "information" and "technology" are filtered.

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Uber board member Arianna Huffington predicts closure of mega-investment is at hand.

Next-gen networks will have vast capacity so your phone can handle data even in massive crowds. Help for self-driving cars will have to wait longer, though.

Barely mentioning cars, the company lifts the curtain on its next 80 years.

Who wins the ultimate toothy predator showdown? A study on alligator diets finds the opportunistic reptiles will snack on sharks when it's convenient.

They've got 90 days to roll out an email validation system that should help protect against spoofed emails and phishing attacks.

Judge issues final judgment in legal battle with patent holder that began in 2010.

The tech giant reiterates points from its own report last month, including that the iPhone X doesn't store or send biometric information.

Mark Zuckerberg'-™s social network once again makes a play to appeal to young users.

It may be light on comic book history, but the hot and heavy exploration of sexual freedom in the early 20th century will lasso you in.

But the streaming company'-™s subscriber rolls surged before the company started charging members as much as $2 more a month.

A weakness in Wi-Fi-connected devices could expose you to nearby hackers. Here are answers to your questions about that.

Some companies already have updates to fix the Wi-FI flaw available, but others say it'll take a few weeks.

The company has a fix for the vulnerability in beta now.

The company's chief believes we're still a long ways from introducing autonomous cars to the public.

Smart devices and appliances, everything from your refrigerator to your television, are ideal targets for hackers thanks to the KRACK exploit.

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